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Auribee Manuka honey – The purest taste of New Zealand

Tucked away at the edge of the world, New Zealand’s natural environment has evolved like no other. Its native plants have been used by the indigenous people of New Zealand for hundreds of years for their healing properties.

Only the best will do

As any great chef will tell you, the quality of a dish depends on the quality of your ingredients. For our honey, the first ingredient is the Manuka flower. The locations for our hives are carefully chosen by our beekeepers to make sure that the bees have access to the most abundant areas of Manuka plants, giving them the best ingredients to work from to create the best monofloral manuka honey.

Protecting our bees

The proprietary processes our beekeepers use to harvest and extract our Manuka honey are designed to protect our bees. As far as we’re concerned, our bees are part of the team and we treat them with respect. That includes minimising our impact on their natural behaviour and maintaining their natural habitat.

True MGO certified Manuka Honey

And finally comes the science part. Auribee honey come a long way from the remote locations of New Zealand to your pantry. On its way we make sure every drop of our honey is tested by an independent IANZ-certified laboratory to verify that it has been made using the nectar from the Manuka flower, and is graded according to its Methylgloxal (MGO) content, so you can enjoy the best manuka honey